Greenwood Capital Associates brings a 35-year history* of direct experience managing proprietary investment strategies for institutions and financial intermediaries. Recognized and utilized on a national level, these strategies are available directly through Greenwood Capital or from a variety of service providers. In each case, we employ a top-down approach, utilizing the experience of our investment committee to oversee the investment process and on-going maintenance of these strategies.

Firm at a Glance:

Founded: 1983*
Employees: 20
Assets Under Management: $1.2 Billion (09/30/2018)
Investment Strategy Offerings:
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income - Taxable
  • Fixed Income - Non-Taxable
  • Diversified ETF
Ownership Structure: Limited Liability Corporation (privately held)


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*Prior to 2001, Greenwood Capital Associates and the term "Firm" refers to Greenwood Capital Associates, Inc. (GCAI) which was established in 1983. On or about June 29, 2001, Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC acquired substantially all the assets of GCAI, a sub-chapter S corporation. Greenwood Capital Associates, LLC registration dates back from 2001.