This strategy seeks to achieve results in excess of its benchmark through an active approach consisting of duration management, sector rotation, and credit selection. The portfolio is primarily invested in U.S. investment grade corporate and government fixed income securities with maturities ranging from less than one year to seven years. Greenwood Capital's Investment Team uses a quantitative approach in analyzing macroeconomic variables that forms the basis for its interest rate outlook. This information, along with relative value of yield curve positioning, results in a duration target ranging from +/- 25% of the benchmark. The next variable in the process is the allocation of sector weightings through a relative value analysis of the fixed income sectors, with specific attention to the construction of sub-sector weightings in corporate bonds. Finally, individual securities are selected based on a bottom-up relative value analysis. The resulting portfolio has characteristics that are well diversified across sector, maturity, and ratings spectrums.

Asset Style: Short Term Taxable Fixed Income
Benchmark: Barclays 1-3 Year Gov't/Credit Index
Inception Date: December 31, 2009
Average Number of Positions: 20 - 40
Average Maturity: 2.10
Average Duration: 1.90
Average Rating: A1 / A+
Data Provided as of: March 31, 2017